Bro Shelton Price Sr. was born in New Orleans La. Later his family moved to Memphis Tenn. This is where at the age of ten years old heard the great Dr. Martin Luther King's speech "I Have A Dream" at that point He knew he was going to one day stand in front of people and tell the truth. After going through a rough period of his life, he obeyed the gospel and was baptized in 1996. At this time God filled him with the desire to preach. Now Bro. Price is the minister at the Cross Creek congregation and is going into his third year. He is married to Rosalind Greene-Price and has two children a daughter Ray'ven, and a son Shelton Jr. 

Sunday School .......... ..... 10 am
Sunday Worship.......... ... 11 am and 5 pm 
Wednesday Bible Study...7 pm