Here are some of our favorites.  Please feel free to send us some of your special Random Acts of Kindness! 
1. Practice Gratitude.
2. Be intentional with your words today. 
3. Forgive one another.
4. Say "thank you" to someone daily.
5. Go visit a sick friend/family member.  
6. Make a meal for a friend fallen on hard times.
7. Pray for one another.  
8. Consider one another before considering yourself. 
9. Always keep in mind who guides your daily steps.
10. Call a friend, or send a card to a family member and let them know you are thinking of them.
11. Go for a walk in nature and take in God's beauty. 
12. Say Hello and smile to a stranger.
13. Give someone a compliment.
14. Be kind to someone who is having a challenging day.
15. Give someone a reason to feel good about themselves today, encourage them.
16. Be kind to yourself, practice self-care and enjoy the day.    
Embrace each new day with a prayer and a smile, for each day holds new possibilities and opportunities.
Be forever thankful for each new day you are allowed to see.